Completed QRP cart, test driven a new vertical antenna.

Been bit by the radio. Instead, I put some time and thought? ? ! + On my ride . The picture shows the entire station site with two switches for Radio Options and antenna mounted on the rear wall. On the right is a small black lump , USB charger . The orange peg is mounting support for 6m fishing rod which is the carrier for my ” Black Widow ” 3 band vertical . Rig at right FT817 with tuner T1 from Elecraft and at left IC 703 + . The manipulator below IC -703 is homemade . The space below is storage space with transport boxes , aerial ropes etc. . And also thermos with broth and sandwiches. 😉 I use Anderson Power Poles to all my 12V connectors. Click the picture to enlarge it . QRP trolley equipped . Wagon box is made ​​of plastic and steel tubing. Bicycle Wheel model smaller and simple connection for attachment to luggage rack . The large wheels make the cart off-road . I even have a frame of fiberglass rods that I can attach to the box and make transportation chapel for a protective roof against rain and sunlight. This allows even an I -Pad etc. can be placed on top of the radios . Hence the USB charger.qrp-chart.

Click for bigger picture. 

So it was the antenna, it is composed of superannuated bank sticks (container finds) and white sewer pipe . There is no blueprint, it is made entirely on a hip . Divisible in four parts to be easily portable transportation. The coil which is poodle in this consists of a core of 36 mm white drain pipe I wound a clean copper wire to an approximately 30 cm long coil. outside of the coil is a sliding ring with a copperstrip on the inside of the contact against the coil wire . a cable is soldered and passed through the plastic ring to the outside where a lock is soldered . The cable then goes to the coil one end . At the top sits a telescopic whip of 1.5 m Fully extended it becomes almost 2.5m high. Tunable in the 80 – 6m .vertical tunable antenna

 Click for bigger picture. 

The first real test I did the 7/3 yielded surprisingly good results. Volgograd with signal report 579 at 12 m and then , I stated that it was QRP power ( 5W ) I drove . The second station was at about the same distance , Sochi , now familiar, unfortunately it was a 599 station . band was 10m 🙂 I should add that toprod was not fully extended, because I and the antenna was inside and the ceiling height is not enough.
Here is a link to short video of this station.

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